Shopify: Wholesale


  • Different Shipping conditions for customers that are selected as Wholesale.
  • Certain users avoid any kind of Shipping condition.
  • Wholesale users get certain %-off whole cart.
  • Dont use any third party App.


Given conditions:

  • This user has Free Shipping when cart exceeds $15
  • No %-off

  • This user has Free Shipping when cart exceeds $75
  • Certain users have 15%, 18% and 22% off.
  • This user has no shipping costs
  • Has certain %-off


You need to make sure you have everything sorted before the user is going to the checkout page, because that’s the only way to control the carts flow.

The project uses the following Shopify theme: Wokiee

Files that are modified:


Note: To make this easy to follow, I’ve written the code in a way to understand, there are always ways to improve the code.


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