Shopify: Variant limit

Yes, Shopify has a variant limit. Although I could understand why, there are some situations where the products are so complex that you will reach the limit fairly easy. Products that have more than 3 sorts of combinations, ex: color, size, weight, height.

Type of shops that easily reach the limit:

  • Optician that sells Glasses, or lenses
  • Furniture

Third Party Apps

Of course there are apps availble that would be able to remove the limit, but this comes with a few problems.

What most apps will do is sync all you products with their own database, this means there is a constant sync that is running in the background. What perhaps should be a problem for the speed of the shop, but if you have a busy shop that could give problems regarding stock.

All your products are at some third part App developer. And although the apps are verified (most of them) with Shopify there always is the danger of losing your product data to someone.

When I was searching for a solutions I tried most of the available apps, and the pricing isn’t that great either. And don’t forget that the app developer could decide to crank up the price next month, maybe without even notifying you as a paying customer. Yes I’ve had some experiences with this where the app dev decided to claim 2% of every sale. Did I get notified? Yes, maybe, no.

There is no API that could connect with the third party app, that for me was a problem because the data the customer received the products using an API.

With all that said, here is the solution.


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