Shopify: Limitations and Solutions

Shopify has some strange limitation, some of those are only visible while working on a certain project. Today I’m going to write my experiences that I’ve had in the past few years. I’ve also included some of my solutions.


Some of my clients come to the brilliant idea to sell also products for wholesale. While this shouldn’t be a really big issue because we are taling about Shopify, the e-commerce platform right?

Shopify doesn’t support Wholesale straight out of the box. You could subscribe to Shopify Plus, that should support Wholesale, but not every client is able to pay the extra $2000 every month.

There are lots of apps that you could use, but some of them change their pricing every month.

Shopify “Plus

Some basic features are only available if you have plus, for example:

  • More customization and control.
  • Greater automation capabilities.
  • Improved multichannel and omnichannel functions.
  • Faster speeds.
  • The ability to reliably handle huge amounts of traffic and sales.

Maximum Product Variants

For some reason Shopify only allows 100 variants or options per product. There is no other way, even Shopify Plus isn’t an option. There are apps, of course, but that means you have no real access to your data.

Checkout page

Shopify doesn’t give you access to the checkout page, what could be a good thing as of the safety to the customer, but for a developer it’s a nightmare.

Problems that I’ve faced:

  • Conditional pricing
  • Shipping conditions

The only way to really influence the checkout page is the cart page. Before the customer goes to the checkout page you could add additional costs.

Apps customization

If the app has a missing feature you are in quite some trouble. Because the source code of the app is not accessible by you, the paying customer, you are unable to customize anything around the app. Only things that the app developer allows you to, for example custom css. That’s why its very important to make sure that you have your list of features before installing any app.

Product Custom Information

There is no native way to add custom product information to a product. For example you create products that have some kind of customer data, name, birthdate etc.

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